Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hold your head high Brian

Impossibly handsome and sexy, personable and gifted, you didn't know you engendered such secret animosity, envy and profound resentment, did you?  Well you found out, alright.  You remind me of the character in Scott Fitzgerald's novel, "Everything came too easily to him," because that's how people saw you, except you paid your dues, but people who resented your success didn't know that, did they?  They only saw the big bucks you made anchoring that chair and didn't see any of the pressures you were under.  To maintain your status as "Numero Uno" you had to keep rolling them in, wearing different hats and who can blame you if in the process of so many talk shows, a little fiction became blurred with reality?  An apology should have been sufficient but the uproar wouldn't end till you were mocked, humiliated and punished.  Well they extracted blood and still they're not satisfied.  Don't let them get you down.  You deserve your success because you were a star.  Many others can do the job but there are very few that shine in the role the way you did.  You remind me a lot of Jessica Savitch, another ill fated star who commanded that chair the way you did because when she was there, we couldn't see anything else.  I don't know if you'll come back when your banishment is over, I don't know if you'll want to.  But whatever you do, I wish you lots of luck.

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