Sunday, August 24, 2014


After having been previously captured and held for six weeks in Libya, he knew, oh so well, the risks he was taking, yet his love of journalism was such, it compelled him to go back to the most dangerous places in the world, and this time it was Syria.  And after the horrible images posted everywhere by the monsters who assassinated him,we all know what his tragic fate ultimately was.  We know how he was singled out and for special torment daily for two years.  His courage and determination to stay true to himself, his faith in God and prayer brought out the sadism in his captors and they took turns torturing him.  This time he had encountered true evil and he lived with that knowledge every second of those last two years.  Did he regret his choices?  Did he wish daily for the nightmare to end?  Or knowing that regrets and lamentations were a waste of time and energy, did he retreat into a hidden corner of his soul that was left untouched by physical and emotional pain?  I think he did.  I think we saw that in that horrific video.  We saw a man unafraid, unbroken and ready to die.  This is his victory over evil and this is the lesson for all of us.  Let's not be haunted by what happened to him, let's learn from it as we encounter the storms and trials of our lives.

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