Monday, July 13, 2015

Goodbye Omar, King of Melancholy

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Egypt's greatest gift to the world is dead, and the world mourns this magnificent actor whose soulful brown eyes are simply unforgettable.  That he achieved immortality with Doctor Zhivago is without question.  It was a perfect union of actor and role and he made it his own for eternity.  He was not only an exquisite actor, he was a star.  The price of glory didn't come easy and he lost his home and bearings in the process, never been able to regain the stability and direction he once had with his first and only wife in the turbulent years that followed their divorce.  Years during which he tried his hand at many things, acting, gambling, horse racing and embracing the gypsy lifestyle from luxurious hotel to hotel (and with his looks and allure no doubt) from spellbound lady to lady.  Yet there was always a touch of melancholy in those searching brown eyes, a look that's most visible in Doctor Zhivago of course, but also with Funny Girl and other performances.

He was already a big star in Egypt before he was discovered by the rest of the world in Lawrence of Arabia, so Egypt's loss was our gain.  Rest in peace Omar and thanks for the memories.

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