Friday, November 11, 2016


The election of Donald Trump was the perfect storm in a deeply divided country that had lost control of itself.  The frenetic liberals misread the anger, rage and impotence that was harboring out there by the silent majority who didn't recognize the country anymore.  Mr. Obama and his misguided policies hijacked the country and nearly succeeded in converting it into a "Banana Republic" permanently.  Thank God sanity prevailed at the end and Mr. Trump was able to win a much deserved victory.  He saw the suffering and despair of the American people and decided to do something about it, and for that alone, he has already earned his immortality.  To come down from his gilded Ivory Tower where he lived a glorious life and to risk his businesses, life, reputation and everything he worked so hard to get throughout his lifetime, took unbelievable courage and passion, yes, passion for a country in turmoil, passion for a country on the verge of self destruction.  This is how Venezuela was lost, yes, the Venezuela that was once the United States of South America.

I have no doubt that he will be a great president, perhaps even greater than Reagan,  but the journey won't be easy.  We see that in the riots, lawlessness and stupidity that followed his nomination.  But he has God on his side,  he has the angels on his side and he will prevail, I'm sure of it.  And he will prevail because he went into this for the right reasons, he will prevail because he has a big heart and the wind on his back.

May God bless our Forty Fifth President and illuminate his journey.

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